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COUNTRY: Thailand
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Voice TV 21: About Voice TV Voice TV sees the rapid change of new media, including the growth of the network. Internet Including mobile phones and the emergence of digital TVs. Multimedia communication technology allows modern consumers to quickly access information, news, and entertainment anytime, anywhere, according to the different needs of each individual. Voice TV is the perfect combination of highly experienced work team and collaborators who are Representatives of the new generation From many branches together working professionally With the goal of producing the highest quality news and content Every presentation has been through the research, screening and production process meticulously but quickly and quickly in order to meet the diverse, different, and all-time needs, with the goal of being The Best Smart Content For Smart People. Voice TV reaches an audience of 22 million households nationwide via digital TV, terrestrial satellite, cable television nationwide. And connect with viewers anytime, anywhere via Internet TV and Mobile TV, including website presentations "Smart Working People" The main target group of Voice TV People working in modern cities are an important force in driving and developing big city countries. Expand nationwide People working in big cities are a significant group of people with the potential to make the country move forward. These are the consumers with the highest purchasing power. And is the one who sets the guidelines for the decision to use new products and services Especially the group "Smart Working People" is a group of workers aged 22-39 years, wanting to develop their potential all the time Therefore there is a wide range of media reception for quick access to information Accurate and accurate Including the need for entertaining content For a good quality of life in addition to work resting "Smart Content" Voice TV, meticulous in both concepts and high quality production processes for novelty. Variety but easy to understand Quick and easy access Responding to the new way of life of urban workers, presenting knowledge and entertainment under the Inform Inspire Entertain concept to have a quality life is the key to making Voice TV different from its competitors.

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