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Tele Vendita: In the early 1980s, the very first Telesales was born almost casually on some local and regional broadcasters which today have mostly disappeared or been assimilated by the large national networks. These were very coarse transmissions, often made live with all the consequences of the case: on the one hand, a great technical approximation, unforeseen events, and blunders of all kinds, on the other the advantage of having an instant feeling with viewers which increased the credibility and response of the broadcast itself. Today it seems impossible to think of it, but then a banal TV sale of cosmetic creams, mattresses, carpet cleaners, miraculous detergents, crockery or coordinated services for the home, objects of extraordinary uselessness of any kind, slimming systems, massaging devices, folding stairs, miraculous waxes ... Any object, even more, if weird or little known, was sold on television and the results were simply extraordinary ... !!! In Lombardy, broadcasters with great hegemony of gravure and commercial containers were initially Telecity, Antenna 3 and ReteA. The latter then expanded by creating a network of consortium issuers who in fact formed the first Italian commercial network, subsequently largely assimilated by Telemontecarlo which, finally, was reconstituted in La7. Subsequently, in 1988 ReteMia was born, from the not really sanctified mind of Giorgio Mendella who ended up in jail for a few years of fraud of various kinds and nature. The hunt for the television face, the testimonial that, in addition to having its stage presence and the ability to be present in a television studio and in front of the cameras, also acted, in its own way, as a guarantor of the product itself. In a moment, TV characters from the 60s, singers or actors disappeared from the scene, rose from nothing, and there was a second life for characters of the great popular tradition such as Nilla Pizzi, Daniele Piombi, Ettore Andenna, Ric and Gian, Febo Conti ... In the meantime the small broadcasters, covered in gold by the sponsors who in turn did gold business, enlarged, sought new offices and new studios, the technical staff became more and more specialized and the technologies always brought new tools capable of enhancing the quality of the product and the television signal. The spaces were snapped up and, with each transmission, switchboards with dozens, hundreds of operators, struggled to manage the processing of all telephone requests. Thus were born the first great realities that knew how to industrialize the phenomenon by organizing coaches that brought entire families to Biella in the mega center Aiazzone ... the City of Furniture, or in the various seaside or mountain resorts where it was possible to be guests for free with the whole family: travel, stay and first of all FREE while visiting apartments, villas at very convenient prices with all kinds of gifts, from complete furnishings to mountain bikes. People began to fill the house with Eminflex mattresses, Idea Casa coordinates, Aiazzone-Semeraro furniture, creams and muds by Wanna Marchi, Rossini Hi-Fi stereos and endless amenities that were completely useless and often of extremely questionable quality. But there was no lack of business: low-cost travel, furnishings, and kits that were purchased directly from the manufacturer were offered at very advantageous prices, real estate investments in Italy and abroad which were then re-evaluated and recapitalized, products that were born out of nowhere and within little time they became widespread everywhere, almost necessary ... Then a sharp turn, when the Fininvest group, at the time refractory to the telesales topic, began to create their own containers ... in a short time the great characters, Mike Buongiorno, Corrado, Iva Zanicchi ... began and took hold of objects of each genre and spread propaganda. New famous faces were born thanks to the telepromotions they played (one above all G. Mastrota) and, as an immediate consequence of this, the dramatic decline of local and regional broadcasters began. This is how the technicians and television operators who pioneered their bones in the small broadcasters, contributing to their growth, were absorbed by the large networks of Rete4, Italia1, and Canale5. As the historical TV of the dawn disappeared, they gradually tried to join forces to survive by consorting with alternate success: 5Stelle, EuroTv (founded by the "well-known" Calisto Tanzi), the aforementioned ReteMia ... Today also satellite channels offer, of course, space for new frontiers: continental coverage, availability, possibility to specialize the theme of a product, a specific target of customers, a specific area of ​​interest

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